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Paradigm Software and Consulting ensures that their high quality software products are developed utilizing the most productive designs and development, while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Our mission is to provide our customers with well-functioning software products and comprehensive analytical consulting services which will allow for their businesses to operate with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive global market.

Masteqa Identity and Access Management (IAM) (c) system is currently in development.

This product is designed as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that would enable client organizations to rapidly build industry standard, OAuth 2.0 based authentication and authorization services for their applications. An in-development site can be reviewed, on demand, at (site is for development-and-test-only and is not regularly activated).

Since 2000, Paradigm Software and Consulting has developed custom business software for its clients; Paradigm focuses on object-oriented web and client-server applications using .NET Framework, typically with a database back-end using SQL Server. Paradigm also has experience developing expert decision-making and statistical applications and components.

Paradigm provides full life-cycle service for design, development and deployment of custom applications for small to medium-sized clients. We use a mixture of Agile Programming and “waterfall” development techniques to obtain the optimal solution for our clients, utilizing web-based tools for project management and issue tracking. We have an excellent record of day-to-day, operational management of project design and implementation. We pride ourselves on setting realistic project milestones, budgets, and deadlines in our proposals, and work very hard to ensure that the project team adheres to these. A timely and on-budget project completion are of paramount importance to Paradigm, and we are vigilant in meeting these goals.

We help our clients with the following:

  • Requirements assessment and evaluation
  • Architectural software and database design
  • Development and feedback process
  • Testing and deployment
  • Support and updates