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DDC Wizzard: Paradigm developed an engineering design application for Fulcrum Automation, LLC; the application (DDC Wizzard) focuses on designing direct digital control systems in medium-to-large scale commercial buildings, and is commercially available at Fulcrum Automation, LLC. Application was developed using a combination of C#, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

parStats: Paradigm developed a statistical analysis tool, called parStats, which provides .NET based statistical analysis functions for .NET programmers. parStats is the first component in a larger statistical library, commercially available now.

Grade Report Card Management System: Paradigm developed a pilot Grade Report Card Management System for Washington, DC Public Schools. Application was developed using a combination of C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2000 and 2005.

Prospects for the Global Economy Site ( Paradigm developed the first version of this site for the World Bank. The initial design included a database back-end for live queries, a simple quiz system, and a content management system for dynamic menus and chapters.

FleetCommander: Paradigm has a long-term contract with Agile Access Control, Inc. ( to develop and maintain the FleetCommander application, which helps organizations manage their vehicle fleets on a day to day basis.

Paradigm has worked with British Petroleum (BP) in Turkey and in Indonesia, providing analytical services on oil and gas investments. In Turkey, Paradigm was responsible for the preparation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of the Baku-Ceyhan-Tbilisi Oil and Gas Pipeline (a copy of the report is available from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) at this link.)

Paradigm also recently completed a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Kandil Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant Project in Turkey, for EnerjiSA (project description available at this link.).

Paradigm also worked on World Bank projects both in the Washington, DC headquarters and in Central Asia, providing web database design and development, analytical services, as well as multimedia software production. A sample on Sustainable Development can be found via this link.